The Eureka Zientzia Museoa has one of the best and most modern planetariums in the whole of Spain. It is equipped with a Sky Skan digital system based on 4K Digital Theater high definition technology that uses two Sony SXRD projectors. The planetarium’s projection dome has a diameter of 14.5 m and there are 140 seats.



Our modern planetarium has a real-time, multi-media, astronomical projection application: DigitalSky 2.0, which allows the sky to be shown at any latitude and longitude. So, guided by a group leader, we can get closer to the most important stars and astronomical elements in a didactic way. What is more, the screening of films covering a wide range of subjects onto a complete dome won’t leave you indifferent.

If you want to go through an immersive, surround audiovisual experience that is unique in its class, you must come to the Planetarium at the Eureka Zientzia Museoa. Heavenly bodies and stars await you.

Planetarium's schedule

Astronomy live at the Planetarium
GeneralReduced18 months - 3 yearsMuseum friends
5 € 3,50 € 3,50 € 3,50 €


  • The sky of the month
    Hilabeteko zerua

    A planetarium session commented by a monitor in which the brightest stars and constellations are shown, as well as the planets visible in the sky during the following month. In addition, each month we comment on a different astronomical phenomenon.

    icono gente From 12 years old

    icono reloj 45 min

  • Thematic sessions with commentary

    This is a session commented by a monitor in which an astronomical phenomenon is explained. Some sessions are aimed at explaining in detail the sky of each astronomical season: spring, summer, autumn and winter.

    In the rest of the sessions, astronomical phenomena are explained. These sessions last one hour and are aimed at an adult audience with a particular interest in astronomy.

    icono gente From 12 years old

    icono reloj 60 min

    Gidatutako saio tematikoak

September 17th 18:00 Gidatutako saio tematikoak: Udazkena Eusk 60 min
September 25th 12:30 Hilabeteko zerua: Zodiakoa Eusk 40 min
13:30 El cielo del mes: El zodíaco Cast 40 min
October 8th 18:00 Sesiones temáticas comentadas: El cielo del planeta Tierra Cast 60 min
October 15th 18:00 Gidatutako saio tematikoak: Lurra planetaren zerua Eusk 60 min
October 30th 12:30 Hilabeteko zerua: Ilargiaren faseak Eusk 40 min
13:30 El cielo del mes: Las fases lunares Cast 40 min
November 27th 12:30 Hilabeteko zerua: Asteroideak Eusk 40 min
13:30 El cielo del mes: Asteroides Cast 40 min
December 10th 18:00 Sesiones temáticas comentadas: El invierno Cast 60 min
December 17th 18:00 Gidatutako saio tematikoak: Negua Eusk 60 min

Other prices

 GeneralReduced*18 months - 3 yearsMuseum friends
Planetarium  4 € 3 € 3 € Included
Live Astronomy - Planetarium 5 € 3,50 € 3,50 € 3,50 €
Museum + Planetarium 12,50 € 9,50 € 3 € Included
Museum + Planetarium + Guided visit Animalia 16,50 € 13,50 € 7,50 € 4 €
* Reduced rate:
4-17 years, >65 years, large families/single parents, disabled, students, teachers, unemployed, Kutxa K26/K26+.
VAT included

Kaluoka’hina: the enchanted reef

Kaluoka’hina: the enchanted reef

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From the earth to the universe





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