Permanent exhibition


This is the new hall that Eureka! Zientzia Museoa has set aside for life and the human body. We offer three areas that enable the visitor to delve into the fascinating universe concealed within each human being. Here, you’re the star of the show!

Test yourself

Human body


letrero sentido y sensibilidad letrero sentido y sensibilidad letrero sentido y sensibilidad

Test your physical capability. Find out how far you can jump, how flexible you are, or how good your reflexes are. Take a breath and…put yourself to the test!

letrero sentido y sensibilidad letrero sentido y sensibilidad letrero sentido y sensibilidad

In this area we take a deep look into the biological, anatomical and genetic aspects of the human body and life. Performing an autopsy, putting yourself in the place of someone who is colour blind or finding out what you will look like in the future is now in your hands.

letrero sentido y sensibilidad cubos necker olores

Our five senses are the means we have to relate to and interact with our surroundings; sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch send all the information to our brains and, all of them, in co-operation, enable us to get to know the reality of our surroundings. But is everything we feel real? This room will deceive you!

letrero juegos de luz Espejos juegos de luz colores

Thanks to light we can see, we can relate to each other, we can hide and we can live! But we can also play with it. Get a never-ending reflection of yourself in our mirrors, measure your body temperature or find out how light travels. Be daring and play with your reflection!

Thousands of processes are taking place on the Earth; they are imperceptible to us, either because its inhabitants are extremely small in comparison with the planet or because the planet is so huge in comparison with us. In this room you’ll be able to appreciate some of these effects that are so important. Get to know your home!

The marine Aquarium is currently under renovation

Chispas energia panel frontal Chispas Energia bola Chispas Energia gama colores

The Energy Sparks room returns with seventeen fully updated modules. New designs and ways to understand the secrets of electricity by keeping the museum's identity mark, have fun with science.

niño jugando con balon Pendulo de Foucault Cama Fakir

Physics is present in many devices and resources that make our daily lives easier. Without a knowledge of physics it would be impossible to fly across the sky in an aircraft, we would not be able to plough the seas on ocean-going vessels, and we’d just have to use our legs every time we had to go up to the 6th floor of a building. Concepts like density or devices like pulleys enable us to enjoy a more comfortable life. Try it out and see for yourself!